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Life Insurance


 Term Life 

  • Covers you for a set amount of time

  • Some policies have premiums that never increase

  • The most affordable

  • Can be converted to whole life with some policy features

Universal Life

  • Many of the same benefits as whole life

  • Covers you for life and builds cash value over time

  • Flexibility to change your coverage amounts3

  • Control over when and how much you pay

Whole Life

  • Covers you for your entire life

  • Can earn you dividends

  • Builds cash value that's guaranteed to grow over time, even in down markets

  • Lets you use your policy's cash value for anything, anytime

Indexed Universal Life

  • Many of the same as universal life insurance

  • Cash account that can be used to pay policy premiums or take withdrawals and loans

  • Offers higher upside interest crediting based on the performance of an outside stock index such as the S&P 500 Index

  • Moderately conservative interest-sensitive life insurance product.

Get Confused Need Help to choose plan?

Set Life Insurance is always there to help you protect n grow. We work with financially strong insurance companies with competitive products and unique solutions with the latest technology & tools to better serve your needs.

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