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Insurance for Retirement

An annuity is an insurance product that pays out income, and can be used as part of a retirement strategy. Annuities are a popular choice for investors who want to receive a steady income stream in retirement. Annuities were designed to be a reliable means of securing steady cash flow for an individual during their retirement years and to alleviate fears of longevity risk of outliving one's assets.


The size of your payments is determined by a variety of factors, including the length of your payment period.

Here are few reasons we will make you help take decision and will completely make sense for you:

  • Annuities are financial products that offer a guaranteed income stream, used primarily by retirees.

  • Annuities exist first in an accumulation phase, whereby investors fund the product with either a lump-sum or periodic payments.

  • Once the annuitization phase has been reached, the product begins paying out to the annuitant for either a fixed period or for the annuitant's remaining lifetime.

  • Annuities can be structured into different kinds of instruments—fixed, variable, immediate, and deferred income—which gives investors flexibility.

Get Confused Need Help to choose plan?

Set Life Insurance is always there to help you protect n grow. We work with financially strong insurance companies with competitive products and unique solutions with the latest technology & tools to better serve your needs.

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